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Toyota Fortuner Car Price in India 2016

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When we talk about price in India, the Lakh/s or Rupee is not sound new. It is also occur for car price which usually using Lakh for the currency. The different car price comes with several specifications that are attached on it. The Toyota Fortuner car price in India has several prices which we think is affordable. This car which is debut in India becomes the most interesting for car lover. Not only for the comfortable feel, but also the family passengers which is suitable for your business.

There are so many Toyota official showrooms that you can meet around India. You will compare the Toyota Fortuner price with other SUV car and suddenly you will grab the Fortuner one. It is because the feature and smart engines that has been use for this car make you keep on eye. All the Fortuner comes with stylish looking for interior and exterior, the handling system, safety features and so on. For different specifications of Fortuner you will see on this below fortuner used car price in mumbai

The variant of Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner with 4×2 AT model which use diesel for engines and full specifications cost at 25.17 Lakh. The specifications of 4×2 AT with 3-liter DOHC of D-4D diesel will make your performance as great as rocket with modern features on it. The second model of 4×2 MT comes with efficiency using the diesel engines. You can buy this Fortuner of 4×2 MT model in 24.17 Lakh. The Toyota Fortuner with 4×4 AT of diesel engines can cost 26.49 Lakh.

Toyota Fortuner of 4×4 MT with diesel engines can you buy in 25.4 Lakh. This Toyota Fortuner car price is affordable with the high quality of engines. The next for Fortuner model is the sportive. 4×2 AT with diesel engines and other great specification comes with reachable price at 25.35 Lakh. The refurbish of Sportivo 4×2 MT can cost 24.35 Lakh. Those variant of Fortuner has been debut in India showroom which you can find in almost all capital cities of this country.

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