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Toyota Fortuner Brochure and the 2017 Year Model Info to Obtain from It

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Every year, car market would have something new to offer for all car enthusiasts. Coming in various models of various trims and brands, you will always get a variety of brand new lineup to expect. Among this year lineup, there is 2017 Toyota Fortuner worth to set eyes on. You will get pretty much good insight from Toyota Fortuner brochure about what the car has to offer for you. Let’s see here.

The Exterior of 2017 Year Model

Starting from the exterior, what do you think you can expect from the car? Well, Toyota won’t disappoint you with cheap quality car to offer. From Toyota Fortuner brochure, you will find out that the car receives a number of changes. Toyota Fortuner brochure Philippines says that it includes stretched main light and large trapezoid grille. The main light itself on the front fascia is of Hi-Beam hi-tech LED Projector and integrated DRL.

toyota fortuner 2012 brochure To be compatible with the design of the exterior, you can expect of getting more modern and elegant steering wheel and dashboard in the cabin. Toyota Fortuner brochure also includes all sorts of features within, like 8-inch touchscreen, DVD player, USB port, AUX, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, Mirror Link, HDMI, DLNA, and even Miracast as well. You’ve got everything covered. It is covered in Toyota Fortuner brochure Thailand too.

The Performance of 2017 Model

What do you think you will get to be responsible for the car performance here? Speaking about the engine, there are two kinds of engine mentioned in Toyota Fortuner brochure 2017. For diesel engine, you get 2,400cc New Super GD with VN-Turbo Intercooler. For gasoline, there is 2,700cc New TR Dual VVT-i to offer, based on Toyota Fortuner brochure. Either of them offers you strong performance with better fuel efficiency.

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The Release Date of 2017 Fortuner

With what you get from the car informed in Toyota Fortuner brochure, you can be sure that the 2017 year model would be promising car worthy of your attention and consideration. Surely, you are looking forward to its release in the car market, right? You don’t have to wait for long. It is 2017 year model we are talking about here. It should have been around already. Look through the brand new cars in the market and you will find it.

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