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Toyota Fortuner Automatic Price and Specifications 2017

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Toyota Fortuner is one of the most desirable car ever. With the classic yet luxury detail, this car might catch your heart once you try to ride it. It is also low priced, and because of this many people many people hustle and bustle to get it. So here, we will show you the information about Toyota Fortuner Automatic completely; the general review of this vehicle, the price, and specifications. Keep in touch with us in this article.

Toyota Fortuner Automatic; A General Information

Toyota Fortuner comes to meet the needs of families who want a big and large car, comfortable, elegant with affordable prices for everyday use. This vehicle has seven-seat SUV based on the popular HiLuxute, makes you and your family can easily drive anywhere without worry. The design of this car is also a masterpiece; it is covered with a metal material with various colors such as silver and back. Once you have it, you will get quality, yet get a style.

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Toyota Fortuner Automatic Specifications

What does Toyota Fortuner Automatic 2017 offer? Well, we already summarize it from many sources as you can see below:

  1. A full high-end Toyota Fortuner Automatic gearbox, 7.0 inch reversed screen with touch screen feature plus Bluetooth. Also, six audio systems and three sockets of 12-volt accessory.
  2. A comfy seven seats with one-touch reserved seat in the third row makes it easy for people to get in fourth-row seats. Plus, a roof-mounted ventilation is provided for the third-row occupants.
  3. Headlamps with LED feature that automatically switched to ON when the situation is dark.
  4. A hill-start assist to help driver pass the road when in the Hill
  5. Electronic traction control that will help you to go off road.
  6. An 80-litre fuel tank which supports 700 km distance.
  7. Seven airbags to protect the driver and all passengers.

Toyota Fortuner has a comfy cabin that will support all kinds of travel. The luxurious seats make it reliable when you are in a long way. The soundproof feature provided is also a plus because you can comfortably rest when you are tired.

The safety of this vehicle is number one. Seven airbags that provided for driver and occupants, electronic traction control and hill-start-assist have supported the safety. You don’t have to worry if your condition or the road condition is not compatible with the trip; because Fortuner does.

Toyota Fortuner Automatic Price

The vehicle price is categorized according to its type. Each type has a different range of price as listed below:

  • AnHiLux-ute based diesel only Fortuner costs $47,990 for the six-speed manual GX and adding $2000 with the six-speed auto.
  • Fortuner GXL costs $52,990 for the manual
  • Fortuner Crusade costs $59,990, makes it becomes the most expensive Fortuner.

If you plan to have small yet complete Toyota Fortuner Automatic with the friendliest price, choose the diesel only. It provides you full features and entertainment for daily use. You can choose the Crusade if you want a more high-end, classy and luxurious Fortuner. All version has its feature, just choose based on your needs.

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