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Toyota Fortuner 4×4 for New Modern SUV

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Nowadays, SUV car is the most popular and always at the high rating most car find. In this modern era, Toyota automobile finally manufactured 4×4 for the same other powerful SUV. The new Toyota Fortuner 4×4 comes with automatic transmission which will enhance the powerful performance. The four-wheel-drive systems that attach on this Fortuner give great combination of automatic gearbox engines.

The powerful engines won’t be nice if we do not talk about the features and equipment look like of the car. Do not worry about the design of Fortuner, Toyota automobile always serves the best for every customers.As we know the powerful engines from Toyota has in high rate than other car manufactured, this features and equipment that is design in modern era attached for this car. For further information of new Fortuner 4×4 we will explain more in this below:toyota fortuner 4x4 at review

Powerful engines

The 5-speed of automatic transmission can make you have new sense in driving whatever the situation is. It comes with torrent torque at 343Nm which can propel -100kmph of 11.7-second for the SUV performance. The 3.0-litre of D-4D turbocharge diesel can create 171Ps power engines. Sometimes you may feel noisy of the machine but it won’t due long time as long as the terrain of your driving type. In addition the 5-speed of automatic transmission comes with smooth machine and it is not lethargic as the other automatic SUV is.

Features and equipment

The modern touchscreen design that using by this car comes with several modern information. It comes to infotainment system such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, and media playback will make your driving in cozy. The media playback complete with audio control which will give mega bass sound while you play music. This is also complete with the 12V of one charge socket in front, two in the rear that will easy you to enhance the power of your gadget. Another unexpected thing from this Toyota Fortuner 4×4 is the safety systems such as EBD and ABS of driving aids which are protect you and the passenger.

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